Is Maternity Care Necessary?

If you are pregnant with your first child, you may have questions about your upcoming OB visits. For example, are maternity care visits necessary? Do you really need to go to every visit, or are some visits more important than others? 

Maternity care is extremely important for your health and the health of your baby. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, babies who do not receive regular monitoring from prenatal care are three times more likely to be born with a low birth rate. There are several additional reasons why you should attend every prenatal appointment that your OB recommends, including the following.

Avoid Complications

Regular monitoring can help you to avoid complications that may arise as part of a routine pregnancy. For example, if your baby should transition to a breech position, you could be in for a rough vaginal delivery. However, if you have been staying up to date on your maternity care visits, your physician will be able to see the problem coming and help you to get your baby out safely. 

Monitor Growth Patterns

At each of your maternity visits, your physician will take the time to access how your baby is growing. If at any time your child does not seem to be growing at a regular rate, your physician will offer interventions that could potentially save your baby's life. Without proper monitoring, your baby may be born early or with a low birth weight that could be challenging to deal with. 

Receive Support

Another important part of maternity care is receiving the community, physical and personal support that you need throughout your pregnancy. Knowing that you have someone you can get credible information from is crucial for your mental, emotional, and physical health. If your physician sees that you are struggling with the idea of becoming a parent, he can connect you with community resources such as social workers who can provide additional resources. You are not alone on your journey to becoming a parent. Maternity care includes caring for you as a person, and not just a future parent. 

In conclusion, maternal care is extremely important to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you have any doubts or concerns as to the care you are to receive, talk to your doctor or get another OB's opinion. May your pregnancy go well and result in a healthy and happy baby.