Weight Management Strategies Senior Citizens Need To Know About

If you're like many senior citizens who are carrying around a few extra pounds, you undoubtedly already know that losing a little weight would contribute to improved health and happiness on your part — but at the same time, you may have struggled with weight management in the past and are reluctant to try it again. You probably also know that seniors have different nutritional and exercise needs than their younger counterparts but are unsure of the best approach to take to meet your weight management goals. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Getting Botox For Improved Gynecological Health

As you get older, your gynecological health can become compromised. Factors like childbirth and gravity can take a negative toll on body functions and organs that you once took for granted. However, you do not have to suffer with compromised bodily functions because of them. You can undergo a treatment like Botox that might restore some or all of them and improve your overall health. Preventing Bladder Leaks When you go to your OBGYN for Botox injections, you may be able to overcome embarrassing bladder leaks. [Read More]