Three Ways To Prepare For Your OBGYN Appointment When Discussing Birth Control Options

If you are reviewing your birth control options, a visit to the gynecologist should be on your to-do list. As a medical professional, your OBGYN can review your personal health and discuss with you what your best options might be when it comes to birth control. Here are three ways you can prepare yourself for an upcoming gynecological visit and discussing your birth control options available.

1. Have Your Questions Ready

If you have pointed questions on specific types of birth control or even more general questions about your health or medical issues, it is a good idea to write these down and bring them with you to your appointment. This will help you if you get nervous, so that you won't forget topics that you wanted to review with your doctor. If you remember a question after your visit, many doctors have confidential emails that they can hop on after your appointment and follow up with you as well.

2. Know Your Body and Health History

While you might be going to the OBGYN for a very specific reason in your mind, many times the exam involved can be kind of like a mini physical. This can be a tool to catch other ailments such as high blood pressure, weight gain, or breast lumps. Your doctor may have questions for you such as the start date of your last menstrual cycle, any abnormalities you have noticed in your health, or details on your family's medical history. The more you can come prepared with this information, the better your doctor will be able to assess your overall health. This will better assist your OBGYN on what birth control method might be the best fit in your personal situation.

3. Your Long-Term Family Planning Goals

While you might be visiting your OBGYN to limit your chances of pregnancy today, this might not be something that is a long-term option that you need. If you can give some thought to your future family planning goals, this will help your gynecologist work with you to find the best birth control option. If you are planning on having kids in the near future, this can rule out more long-term birth control options such as implants or IUDs.

Choosing the best birth control option is a decision that you should make with the help of your OBGYN. If you can meet your doctor halfway and be prepared for your appointment, you will be able to make sure you look into options that are the best for you. Any information, questions, or details that you can provide will make the goals of your visit more effective. For more information, contact establishments like Healthcare for Women Only.